At Ascensis our team of highly skilled business service strategists are at the forefront of innovative investment, accounting and taxation solutions for businesses.

Business Services

01 Real Time Accounting

In the modern business world, we believe in using technology to our advantage to provide a Real Time Accounting service. This enables us to provide timely information to clients and act proactively rather than reactively, which is what has been common practice in the accounting industry previously.

02 Business Advice

Our business advisors at Ascensis are here to provide tailor made advice via a personal one-on-one relationship with each client.

This may include:

  • Benchmarking your business against others within your industry to increase the¬†value of your business.
  • Helping your business continually evolve with consumer trends to keep you ahead of your competitors.
  • Attend monthly / quarterly meetings to make sure your business is on track to meet your goals.
03 Tax Concessions for Small Business

One of our areas of expertise is the application of the many tax concessions available to small businesses. Why not consult us to see if these concessions apply for your business to maximise your potential earnings?

04 Cash Flow Management

Management of cash flow is one of the most critical areas in managing a business and one of the least understood resulting in business failure.

At Ascensis we use the latest cash flow management tools to assist with this critical part of your business and we work with you on strategies to improve the cash position of your business.

05 Business Structure, Asset Protection and Tax Saving Structures

An important part in the preparation of the financial statements for your business is the review of your business structures and the implementation of strategies for asset protection and tax minimisation.

06 Payroll Management Services & Bookkeeping

At Ascensis we offer bookkeeping and payroll management services to our clients to ensure the information being reported is of the highest quality. This also assists with the complex nature of employing staff throughout Australia.